Common Teeth Related Problems That Can Be Easily Treated

Teeth are important. But, they can also cause a bit of trouble. Teeth are always under a lot of strain because of activities such as biting, grinding and chewing, not to mention the fact that they are also exposed to acidic and other substances that can age them and wear them out. This is why there are so many teeth related disorders today, given the context of what we eat and drink as well. Here are some of the most common teeth related disorders that can actually be treated really easily.

Tooth decay
These are also known as cavities and can happen when bacteria in the plaque has the opportunity of settling down on your teeth. The plaque and the bacteria combination then starts to produce an acid that will eat away slowly at the enamel in your teeth and form holes. The best way to minimize this issue is to eat a healthy diet because a lot of this unhealthy bacteria is formed after the consumption of sugary food items. Also, periodic visits to the dentist in Melville Perth is a great way to ensure that your teeth are kept clean and free of plaque that will ensure their longevity. Cavities have a huge relationship with you lifestyle. The better you maintain the level of your oral hygiene, the lower the risk of having cavities. Very young and very old people are at a higher risk because they have weaker enamel compared to other age groups, but that does not mean that anybody is exempt from the risk.

Gum disease
This is another good example of what plaque and bacteria can do inside your mouth. The bacteria in this case, will start to erode the gum tissue as well as the ligaments that are responsible for holding the teeth in its place. Before you think about getting dental implants if you suffer from this condition, know that there are five medical stages of this disease which means that there is ample time and opportunity to use other, more simple methods of treatment. The key is to identify the condition as early on as possible so that normal oral care methods can prevent it from progressing further.

Infection of the root
This is a painful condition that takes place when the root or the bottom part of a tooth gets infected and starts to fill up with bacteria. The bacteria causes significant damages to the nerves and the pulp tissue within the tooth and if ignored it will cause severe pain and consequences. Once again, the best method of treatment is to prevent it completely by maintaining great oral hygiene methods.

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