Finding The Best Solution For Your Rectal Bleeding Solution

After lung cancer, the bowel or colon cancer contributes the most number of deaths from all over the world. However, this statistic is based upon internal cancers and not on external one. Almost 5-10% of death takes place due to cancer in bowels, majority of which is just because of lack of awareness or ignorance. If the cancer is detected at the early stage it can be cured, but as people keep on ignoring the symptoms, more number of critical cases takes place. If you are the one who can identify some symptoms, then the best solution would be to visit the hospital and get your cancer screening done at the earliest.

The screening of bowel cancer can detect the risk of cancer and minimise it. If the bleeding of rectal is due to some other reasons, then the screening will at least help to get you some mental satisfaction. The experienced bowel doctor in Brisbane can thoroughly study your case and let you know that whether it is a symptom of cancer or not. They will also inform you the stage of cancer and how it can be treated with efficacy. The colonoscopy can help to remove the cancerous cells and reduce the risk of cancer. However, for advance stage, chemotherapy or surgery can be the only option. Colon cancers are sometimes inherited and if your parents were detected with similar disease, then you hold 10-15% chance to have them. So, it’s required to stay very careful and visit a doctor at the early stage if you find something odd. Also, a good lifestyle, proper diet and less animal protein can help you to avoid the cancer.

Your diet can be a triggering factor towards the cancer in the bowel. If you take much amount of fish and vegetables compared to meat then chances of cancer is comparatively low. The Omega 3 oil in the fish prevents the cancerous cells not to grow further. Needless to say, oily fish with high omega 3 are more helpful as it controls abnormal cell growth. More fibre food and water also normalize the health condition and can prevent cancer. Alcohol consumption is also a factor and thus it should be avoided.

Nowadays, the rectal bleeding is diagnosed according to a flow chart. Patients below 40 are diagnosed according to that process, which states abdominal pain is not the only symptom. So, doctors go with other symptoms if any, else specialist option is taken. If there are other symptoms too then colonoscopy is done for people below 40 years of age. However, for patients more than 40 are directly directed to do the test as the chances of cancer perks up after this certain age.

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